Ranjit and Deepa David


Ranjit and Deepa are from Chennai, India. Ranjit finished his Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Auburn University, Alabama. After graduation, God called him to leave the United States and be in missions in his own country. He obeyed God’s call in his life and worked among young people in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore in India.

Deepa finished her Master’s in Christianity in India and obeyed God’s call in her life to serve among commercial sex workers in Chennai. She was involved in training women in counseling and other alternate skills such as bag making, tailoring etc. Her ministry also involved working among children of sex workers to prevent them from entering the trade.

Ranjit had the opportunity to complete his Th.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary where God built a solid foundation for their ministry. Immediately after graduation, Ranjit and Deepa moved to New Delhi to be part of the pastoral team at Delhi Bible Fellowship. Since 2010, they have been serving in New Delhi, the capital city of India with a population of over 20 million people. Apart from preaching and teaching roles, Ranjit works extensively with college students and young professionals through evangelism and discipleship. Deepa’s heart and ministry is among under privileged women and she serves them through teaching, counseling and training them with life skills.

They are blessed with two children. Sanjana is 6 years old and can speak 3 languages already. Sandeep is 3 years old and can kick a soccer ball like a pro!

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