Steve & Barb Tessitore

Steve and Barb Tessitore

Steve and Barb met in college and were in a Christian evangelistic band from 1970-76. They were married in 1972 and were their band played at Campus Crusade for Christ events, traveling all over Arizona and into S. California playing in parks, coffee houses, churches, camps and universities. It was the Jesus People days and many young people came to the Lord. Their band started a coffeehouse ministry in Phoenix with concerts on Friday and Saturday nights and they started a discipleship ministry for those being saved through the ministry which grew so large that it became a church.

They have been involved in worship ministry, discipleship, and church leadership for a number of years. In 1982, they became involved in the worship ministry at Calvary Chapel in Phoenix and moved to Corvallis, OR to help with a Calvary Chapel that had started there until 1998 when they moved to Woodland WA to work with the Calvary Chapel church there. In 2000, they began attending the Calvary Chapel in Vancouver, WA.

In 2013, they moved to England to help with the ministry of the Calvary Chapel in Exeter; involved in discipleship, worship and many other helps ministries, mostly to university students and young families. During that time, they also helped start another church in Plymouth.

Following their time in the UK, the Lord led them to Italy. They are in the process of obtaining citizenship, learning the language, and developing relationships through which they can establish Bible studies and train people in understanding God’s Word.

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would help Steve and Barb develop relationships with the people in Southern Italy
  • That they would continue to make progress with language learning and with Italian citizenship
  • That God would provide a like-minded person who is Italian and also speaks English to assist with language learning
  • That they may be able to purchase a car to expand their area of ministry beyond what is possible with public transportation

Steve and Barb’s personal ministry blog can be found at If you would like to support the Tessitore’s ministry with ARM Ministries please click here.