Sending Ministry Partners to the Field

ARM Ministries is primarily a sending agency with a strong relationship with the local church. We desire to send ministry partners to the field, both locally and globally, who have a clear sense of their ministry vision and direction and a strong, supporting relationship with a local church body for encouragement and accountability. We do this by limiting our administrative fees by working with churches for missionary support and care rather than attempting to do this on our own. A significant number of our missionaries and workers throughout the world are indigenous leaders, many of whom trained in the US and have returned to their home countries for church planting, etc.

See Our Resources for Potential Missionaries and Workers

Assisting Churches Mobilize More Workers

We firmly acknowledge that missions is the role of the church. We serve the church by helping evaluate a local body’s missions culture and infrastructure in order for them to be able to send ministry partners who have the strong sense of ministry vision and direction as noted above. In particular, we desire to help churches mobilize workers for global ministry and help these churches move from being “supporting churches” to becoming “sending churches.” As such, we provide consulting services at very limited cost to assist churches who desire to grow in their own vision for missions, mobilizing additional workers and strengthening their relationships with existing missionaries, but who may need external resources to help accomplish this change.

See Our Resources for Churches Desiring to Send Workers