About Us

ARM Ministries is a sending organization, partnering strongly with local churches, particularly suited to provide support for workers with a clear sense of ministry vision. We support both US and international workers. We also provided consulting services for churches seeking to mobilize more workers.


The mission of ARM Ministries is to be a conciliatory instrument of God extending the biblically based reproductive work of His churches into all the world.


The vision of ARM Ministries is to offer education and encouragement to churches on global strategies for internationally reproducing biblically based churches with biblically trained leaders. We do this through training, ministry trips and compassionate service anywhere in the world where there are people who need Jesus Christ.


ARM Ministries is a faith based 501(c)3 non-profit denominationally unrelated organization. Therefore it has no denominational or foundation funding. It relies entirely upon the gifts of individuals or organizations who believe in the ministry. Every gift is appreciated and receipted.

The ministry has an independent board which oversees the the executive operations and an independent accountant who audits the books and gives a report to the board. We believe in fiscal integrity, responsibility and accountability.


Our History


Our Doctrine