Mike Turinsky

Mike & Jewel Turinsky

Mike is married to Jewel and they have two young adult sons. Mike is originally from Anchorage, Alaska and went to school in Portland, Oregon. Mike graduated from George Fox University with degrees in International Business and Economics as well as pastoral ministry. He is also a minister with the Wesleyan denomination in New Zealand, serving at his church in a voluntary capacity.

Mike has been serving in New Zealand since 2004 focussed on marketplace mission and community outreach to young people, dads, and families. They founded and ran a New Zealand based Christian youth outreach organisation developing partnerships with schools, churches, and local community groups in Auckland and across the country with the 24-7 Youthwork Network. They have dedicated themselves to helping people find hope and wholeness and addressing New Zealand’s high suicide rate through developing relationships between local churches and schools to provide in-school youth workers for young people. Mike looked after the community relationships, partnerships, training, and development of the ministry.

Mike now runs a ministry called Bravo Company Charitable Trust, that challenges men/fathers to discover God given wholeness and purpose for their families and their community. They push men beyond their comfort zone to build authentic faith and healthy family relationships with courage, strength, and support systems that are made for them. He has recognised the fact that many men are simply surviving, putting on a brave face but coping poorly. Many men are not dealing with personal challenges and stress in healthy or effective ways, feeling disconnected from faith, the modern church and modern culture. New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates for men in the Western World as well as the highest rate of domestic abuse and substance abuse. These statistics have trickle down effect on youth, women, the church, and the community. Working with local churches, and in the community, the mission works to help men find wholeness in all areas of their life: spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and relationally

Prayer requests:

  • For health and balance for each family member.
  • That the Turinsky’s would develop further sustainable relationships with financial and prayer partners to be able to grow and develop the ministry.
  • The development of current church partner relationships.
  • Development of volunteers and aspects of the ministry

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