Our History

ARM Ministries was born out of seeing the need for churches and Christian agencies to work more closely together to strategically fulfill the commission of the Lord Jesus Christ “to make disciples of all nations.”

Most churches and agencies dedicated to the process of fulfilling the commission do so with very little intent of working together at the strategic level. They may study what is being done by each other, they may even participate to a limited degree with each other in certain projects, but they actually envision, strategize, plan, and then implement with very little cooperative effort… and then continue to do so on a regular basis.

After more than 25 years in evangelical pastoral ministry, missionary field work, and mission leadership, the founder of ARM Ministries saw the need for governing boards, missionaries, pastors, and church or mission leaders to begin to more intentionally and regularly work together in planning how to get their churches and agencies to extend their ministry to the world working where possible with other churches and organizations.

So, in June of 2002 ARM Ministries was born. It is the hope and dream that it becomes what its mission statement implies: “The mission of ARM Ministries is to be a conciliatory instrument of God extending the biblically based reproductive work of His churches into all the world.”

We do not just need another mission agency (although we do need hundreds of them); nor do we just need more missionaries (although we certainly need thousands); but we also need leaders to work with other leaders to maximize our efforts. Not only pastor to pastor — we do that fairly well in the Christian world. To a lesser degree we cooperate mission leader to mission leader adequately too. But when is the last time you heard of the governing boards of churchs and/or organizations (or even the chairmen of those boards) get together to hone their vision?

ARM Ministries is dedicated to that whole process and seeks individuals and churches who also seek to be dedicated to it as well — a process of taking the church to all the world.