Rajapati & Sumitra Pani

Pani FamilyOdisha is a Hindu populated state in India. This is the state where the Australian missionary, Graham Stein, was burnt to death with his two young sons in 1999. There were many such anti-Christian activities that happened in past in this state. There are many hilly places with many tribal people groups that remain unreached and who have not yet heard of the good news of Jesus Christ.

God raised up Rajapati Pani from this state or Odisha. Raj, after committing his life to Jesus Christ, was burdened for the people in Odisha. While Raj was doing his master’s program in one of the Bible schools in south India, he founded a local church there which consists of the people of his state that they migrated to south India to work for their survival. During these days, Raj married Sumitra Pani (Esther) who dedicated her life to minister to the ladies in Odisha. Esther also completed a short Bible training program to be equipped for God’s work. In fact, she has been a great blessing to Raj and the ministry. She evangelizes, hospitalizes, teaches and counsels many local women.

God has graciously blessed Raj and Esther with four kids: Florence Nightingale (F, 9), Crosby Caroline (F, 8), Joshua Walace (M, 6) and Joseph Thomas (M, 6 Months). In 2017, God marvelously opened the door for Raj to come to the United States to pursue his doctorate at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Presently, he is engaged in church planting, teaching, and preaching ministries in addition to his doctoral classes. In everyday Gospel tours, Raj encounters many orphans, destitute, and needy kids. In fact, he has been praying to start an orphanage, hostel and school for the many hundred kids who remain unschooled throughout the region. Besides gospel preaching, Raj gets approached by many unschooled pastors and leaders who want to get biblical and theological lessons. Therefore, Raj also teaches and prepares many hundreds of pastors and leaders for God’s work.

Prayer Requests:

  • Moral supports of the local people where we do ministry.
  • Coronavirus to be controlled.
  • Need of a land and buildings for orphanage and school

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