Rick Cordell

Rick Cordell who grew up in Portland with godly parents who served for many decades in outreach ministry to international students from many countries around the world. He graduated from Multnomah and Mt. Hood CC, then studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MDiv / School of World Mission, plus graduate research in Old Testament). He pastored churches in central Oregon and northwest Washington in the 80s and 90s. Since then his life has taken some challenging turns (such as family tragedy) under the providence of God, that have worked to refine and redirect his path, away from Pharisaism and toward Jesus’ love and compassion both for Rick and through him to others.

Rick started going with increasing regularity to Nigeria in 2015. His connections there brought him to begin serving as a visiting lecturer at a large denominational seminary near Jos, in Plateau State. A year later he was invited to serve with Firm Foundation in Christ Ministries as an international trainer mostly in Nigeria, but also in Ethiopia and Cameroon. That group trains national pastors, evangelists, church workers, and seminary students how to give immediate and effective follow-up to new believers. Rick still serves that group as a trainer and staff consultant.

About three years ago God led him to found and direct a new ministry to pastors and elders called ShepherdsTraining. It focuses on God’s job description for spiritual shepherds spelled out in Ezekiel 34 and modeled by Jesus and the apostles. It stresses moving away from institutional and clerical emphases toward personal spiritual care and guidance for people that God has placed under our care. 

Based in Biblical theology, we also carefully look at social and cultural issues both inside and outside the church that affect evangelism and discipleship, both on the congregational and individual level–beginning with the relational and spiritual health of the undershepherded. We now have four cohorts (learning communities) of 7-9, two in Jos and two in Abuja that meet for two-day intensive workshops every 8 weeks, plus individual mentoring.

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise for God’s enabling grace, blessing and expanding of Rick’s service to dozens of pastors and church leaders;
  • Praise for Rick’s physical health and strength that enables him to travel and work in his 70s;
  • Praise for wonderful colleagues and coworkers and missionary friends at his home base in Nigeria.
  • Prayer requested for Rick’s spiritual health and growth and healing and maturity;
  • Prayer requested for protection in an insecure country, both physically and spiritually;
  • Prayer requested for finding a more suitable local congregation in Jos where he can bless and be a blessing;
  • Prayer requested or the needs of family members in the States.

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